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Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations

Customize Your Wedding Invitations to Match Your Ceremony

Because wedding invitations set the tone for your big day, it's important to find an invite that matches your individual personality as well as the unique style of your wedding. And since your special day is guaranteed to be exceptional, why not send unique wedding invitations which resemble that. With unique wedding invitations, your card will surely stand out from the sea of stationery due to their strikingly marvelous designs and distinguishing characteristics.

And since your wedding isn't going to be the same as everyone else's, why send a wedding invitation that is? let us customize your card with style and sophistication so you can depart from those template designs in favor of a more distinctive look.

Paper Options

There are multiple paper options from domestic mills to imported card stocks, we are sure you'll find the perfect paper.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your idea with us.



From multiple paper stocks, to customized die cuts we can design the wedding invitation of your dreams that will exceed your expetations.

Special order envelopes to match your invitation are also available.

File Specifications:

Accepted File Formats: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, & .PDF.
We strongly recommend PDF files to avoid file problems.
In the Large format line products please make your artwork in the exact size that you are ordering. No bleed, No crop marks.
In the Print product line be sure to have 1/8" bleed and 1/8" safe zone from the edge of the art work.
All fonts should be vectorized (converted to outlines). If using Photoshop, please provide a flattened file only and CMYK color mode.
We suggest 150 dpi resolution at 100% of the final print size. 
If you need to scale it please note the scaling % or the final size.

Explanation for turnaround service:

Turnaround time begins once your file is uploaded.

If your file is placed on hold, the turnaround time will begin once you select 'Run As Is' or once a re-uploaded file is received.

If an email design proof is requested, the turnaround time will begin once you approve the design proof.

All the times are based on normal business days, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Please note this does not include shipping time.


If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 12 noon CMT, then it will be shipped on an estimated completion time. (All pick up times are based assuming there are not problems with the files or with the job during production.)  Every job have an estimated turnaround time depending on the complecity of its nature, quantity and materials needed.

Store Pick-up:

If an order is uploaded on a business day BEFORE 12 noon CMT, then it will be available for pick-up 48hrs after. Depending on the complecity of its nature, quantity and materials needed the pick up time could vary.  (All pick up times are based assuming there are not problems with the files or with the job during production.) You will receive an email notification if the order is ready earlier.


Single-sided products - $20 min.

Double-sided products - $40 min.

Laminated products - $30 min.

Double-sided + laminated products- $60 min.

The minimum charges above apply only to Large Format, Adhesive Large Format, Print Products  and Rigid Signs products.

Electrical signs are customized prices.




Group Shipping Explanation:

Group shipping is available for jobs which have a MATCHING product category, turnaround time, shipping address, and shipping method. Group shipping discounts are applied to items with shipping fees of LESSER value. Note: If you decide to cancel the item with the highest shipping fee value within a group ship, your group shipping discount will vary.

Shipping charge

Due to the large physical size of products some orders may have higher than expected shipping charges. Unfortunately there is little of what we can do as we are bound by the limitations set forth by our shipper, in this case UPS.