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Sandblasted Signs


Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted Signs

For a truly distinctive look and appearance for your business, there is no other sign substrate more attractive and weather resistant than Sandblasted signs.  Our quality custom sandblasted signs are hand finished with professional grade primers, enamels and stains that are developed for commercial grade signage and are proven to do the job better than any other products.  Sandblasted signs are more of an architectural element, which adds to the overall design and feel of the location, rather than just getting the job done with a flat, printed sign. First impressions are important, typically the first thing people see is your sign, and a sandblasted sign will go far in helping you make a great first impression and giving you the opportunity to stand out from the start. Whether you are looking for a custom business sign, residential entrance sign, development directional signs, business park tenant signs, lobby or reception displays, church reader boards or golf course signage, we can provide a solution that will exceed your expectations.

We offer sandblasting jobs in rocks and HDU Foam.

HDU (High Density Urethane)

Rigid, closed cell, high density urethane foam material that offers significant advantage to wood. It can be sandblasted, routed, carved. HDU is not affected by solvents and works well indoors as well as outdoors.  It is completely waterproof, extrememly durable, and will not crack, twist, curl or dry rot during long term weather exposure. HDU is readily fabricated with normal wood working tools.

ADVANTAGES - HDU will not warp, crack, or bow like solid wood when exposed to the elements. It is slightly lighter that wood, which might be a consideration for a suspended sign.  HDU or Sign Foam can be seamlessly laminated together to create any size, shape, or form.

DISADVANTAGES - HDU Sign Foam is slightly flexible, which might cause problems on long, narrow signs. If a dimensional sign is going between posts, or in a situation where it might take abuse from wind, or pedestrians, consider having us laminate a backing board for reinforcement.

  • Normal Thickness is 1 ½”, can come in 1” to 2” Thick (Costs more)
  • Not affected by solvents
  • Indoor and outdoor material
  • Water & weatherproof: will not crack easily, twist, curl, or dry rot)
  • Needs support if mounted on posts, not self supporting.
  • Weaker than wood, but does not rot
  • Has natural pebbled background texture, it can have a texture that looks like wood (state this to customer service if you are wanting it to look like wood)
  • Can also be ordered custom formed to look like other materials ie. wood, concrete, bamboo, rocks, etc.

10 year lifespan on material only (not paint)