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Ceramic Tile Signs


Ceramic Tile Signs

Exterior Ceramic Tile Murals

Because of the unique, high temperature process, exterior tile murals last a lifetime. This exciting new process makes certain that your exterior wall murals and tile floor murals will not fade, peel or tarnish in any way. Using a high resolution image transfer process, we can create any large outdoor murals for art in public places, historical wall murals, donor recognition wall murals, and swimming pool murals.

Ceramic Tile Signs and Logos

If you want to differentiate yourself, consider custom ceramic tile signs. Ceramic tile signs are durable, fade resistant, and graffiti resistant. You can display the custom ceramic tile signs on brick marquees, attach them to concrete walls, insert them into a tile floor foyer (a company logo, for example), or any space you can think of. These tile signs and logos are designed to fit any space, regardless of size. Our designers can take your logo and graphics and design a custom sign specific to your needs.

Custom Tile Wall Murals

We have what it takes to make your mural project a huge success. Our custom ceramic tile murals outlast and outshine traditional mural paintings, wallpaper murals, and similar printed tiles offered by our competition. Tile wall murals never looked so good!


Call or email us to learn how our custom tile murals, tile signs or tile logos can work for you. We look forward to serving you.

Color Reproduction

Some brands of ceramic pigments in the red,yellow, orange and pink colors have a tendency to change shade when fired at very high temperatures. With our newly developed ceramic color pigments, we are able to accurately reproduce any color (incl. most of Pantone® colors,) even when fired to 1650 F or higher.

Specialty Tile

The proprietary image transfer technology used allows images of artwork such as paintings, watercolors, pencil sketches, computer generated designs, photographic images and many other images to be displayed in places not previously possible. When applied to tile, the artwork can be displayed indoors or outdoors—in climates with freezing temperatures and in hot sunny climates—without deterioration or fading. These ceramic tile murals are so versatile they can be installed as tile wall murals, as tile floor murals, as custom swimming pool tile, as decorative tile fountains, and more. The only limit is your imagination.